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The South African Warmblood Horse Society

Breeding to international competitive standards

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e-QuestrianFocus is proud to have The South African Warmblood Horse Society on board as a contributor towards bringing you valuable information! Here is a short profiling of their history and what they stand for.

 New SAW logo-disciplines-lowresThe South African Warmblood horse is a specialized sport horse for the disciplines of Show jumping, Dressage and Eventing. The South African Warmblood Horse Society is the governing body for Warmblood horses in the Republic of South Africa and falls under the SA Department of Agricultural and the Registrar of Animal Improvement.


The European breeding programs for modern Warmblood sporthorses began in the 1920’s following the decline in need for cavalry horses and farm horses and the increased interest in horse sports. The South African Warmblood Horse Society was formed in 1989, following a steady flow of importations of European Warmbloods to South Africa that began in 1965.

In South Africa, the first Warmbloods were sourced mainly from Namibia which had a strong base of Hanoverian horses. Some Swedish stock was also brought in via Charlotte Stubbs and Coromandel Stud in the 1970’s. These and other imported European Warmbloods were crossed with local horses, mainly of Thoroughbred stock. This crossbred population formed the base generation for most of the horses registered with the SA Warmblood Horse Society today. The Thoroughbreds used in this initial cross had been thoroughly performance tested in the show jumping competition arena’s, where they proved their athleticism by winning with riders such as Gonda Betrix, Mickey Louw and Anneli Wucherpfennig.

Luigi di Cantero - winner of the free jump 2015
Luigi di Cantero – 2015 free jump winner

The breeding goal of the SA Warmblood Horse Society is to breed horses of internationally competitive standards that will enable the South African riders and breeders to take their rightful place in the equestrian arenas around the world.


Pohland's Cuppuchino clearing a formidable jump in style!
Pohlands Cuppuchino clearing a formidable jump in style!

Did you know: Hayley Parker is campaigning for 2016 Olympic Games in Rio on her South African bred warmblood: Pohlands Cuppuchino! Pohlands Cuppuchino is by the stallion Concerto out of the mare Pohlands Windsong. Hayley Parker campaigning for Rio


Denise Hallion, who is part of the SA dressage team riding at Perl Germany in September 2015 to assist SA in securing a team spot at the Olympics in 2016 has a dream of competing a South African bred warmblood at international Grand Prix level. Denise Hallion page

The Society’s selection efforts are directed at improving sports performance and conformational correctness. The recording and inspections done by the society offer protection and guidance to both breeder and buyer.

Midas Touch Bulgari Ordep Silhoutte 528858_n
Midas Touch Bulgari beautifully turned out at the annual Horse of the Year Show
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