Philippa Johnson-Dwyer

Philippa Johnson-Dwyer

Philippa Johnson-Dwyer represents South Africa on the international circuit as one of our para-dressage riders.  She is based in Belgium and has been training under Chris Haazen for 11 years with has numerous wins under her belt, including  2 silver medals at the 2004 Olympics in Greece, Greece and two gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing!  She has had her current Grand Prix horse Lord Louis for 3 years.  Her biggest love after animals are her books.

“Don’t be afraid of being knocked down, stand up and dust yourself off it is one of the best ways of learning.”

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Lord Louis
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Rio stable door

Hold onto your hats! The Paralympics opening ceremony is tomorrow and based on her form to date, our own Philippa Johnson-Dwyer is in serious medal contention in the Paradressage section! Pips is not a stranger to winning Paralympic medals with two silvers in 2004 and two golds in 2008, so

So many people over the years have asked me why I don’t change countries especially seen I have had so many offer’s. My answer is always very simple, all you have to do is look at the title picture, I absolutely love seeing my flag go up and hear our

We have just had the first international of the season, the CPEDI3* Genemuiden. Having had a very mild winter Murphy’s law states that the week you go on competition it will freeze!!! But I have to say a hats off to the Zwartewaterruiters it was the first time that they
Verdi Roosendaal'14

Verdi has again done me proud giving me 2 super rides at the CDI4* Roosendaal!! I was a little disappointed with the scores but besides a spook that caused us to fluff our 2’s in the kur Verdi didn’t put a hoof wrong! It was also so nice to have
Photo-Equine 03

Today we had to go to the funeral of a friend, which was beautiful but as expected very sad. I returned to the yard feeling emotionally drained and not quite sure how I was going to get through my lesson on Louis. I had no need for worry Louis gave

Winter competition has arrived although at the moment the weather is so lovely we could almost forget about the cold, dark months ahead ha, ha!!! Yesterday Louis got to stretch his legs at the CDR Zutendaal. We competed in the M9 and have to admit I finally have the feeling