Denise Hallion

Denise Hallion

Denise Hallion represented South Africa in its first-ever dressage team that competed at World Equestrian Games in 2014 on her horse Werwelwind.  She is based in the UK and owns and manages Mayhill Stud with her husband where they provide livery, teach and run shows.  She rides under the trainership of Carl Hester and made her international debut in 2011.  She would love to have a horse that is from South Africa and produce it to Grand Prix level.  Her short term goal is to achieve 75% in a Grand Prix test.  She balances her riding with teaching and family time.

“I would say, with passion, dedication, commitment and belief everything is possible. Keep working hard at your riding and be open to all opportunities which may come your way. Always remember the most important thing in our sport is the Horse, so treat your horses well.”

Vital Stats
FEI Ranking:
Campaign Horse:
Carl Hester
United Kingdom
Succeed; Hampshire Saddlery; Spillers Feeds



Receiving my South African Colours at SA Dressage Championship 2015

Back in England for a week! Being in SA and competing at the South African Dressage Championships 2015 at Kyalami Park brought back so many wonderful  memories. I have spent thousands of hours at that venue all through my life and have watched it evolve! It was so amazing to see how
Denise on Elastilon with Jenny Neill

Denise Hallion was seen at Kinvara Equestrian Centre today on Jenny Neill’s horse Elastilon in preparation for the SA Championships, a SASCOC requirement that all dressage and para-dressage campaigners would need to compete at this event. The event now begins on Tuesday at Kyalami Park, a day earlier than initially