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Tips from professional equestrian trainers.

Sarcoids are known to be the most common skin tumour found in horses worldwide.  The sarcoid is an aggressive fibroblastic tumour occurring in 6 recognisable forms, all of which have a high natural tendency for recurrence. IN SHORT, SARCOIDS ARE NASTY BUSINESS!! Sarcoids do not discriminate between equines, with all

Stephen Clarke explains what dressage judges should look for in the extended walk; forward and relaxed are key!   This video forms part of the Stephen Clarke seminar in Gauteng, South Africa hosted by Dressage SA during 2016.

The role of psychological factors in determining athletic performance is repeatedly referred to in any form of competitive sport.  Equestrian sport provides a unique environment as the human/equine interaction is highly unpredictable and often anxiety-producing.  Contrary to most traditional sport where mental and physical capability relies mostly on human decision

Stephen Clarke shares valuable insights into what he as a dressage judge looks for when judging a shoulder-in, linking it to the importance of the exercise as a suppling and collecting tool.

We have taken some snippets from the recently held Stephen Clarke seminar held in Johannesburg at the Equidome hosted by Dressage SA.  Here Stephen comments briefly on the responsibility of the judges during a dressage test.  Enjoy his wisdom! We will bring some more insights from the seminar soon! Stephen Clarke is

Committed to protecting the working cart horses from abuse Looking back to the early days of the cart horse industry it is clear that it had a proud heritage rooted in District Six, on the outskirts of the city. Horses and carts were used to “smouse” (hawk) fish, fruit, vegetables,
Horses on the plane

Are you in the market to buy a horse from overseas?   There are a number of things to consider before importing a horse Time Financial burden Health and welfare of the animal The quarantine process Time: It takes quite a few months from the time when you acquire the horse overseas
Jonny Hilberath

JONNY HILBERATH has been the co-national trainer of Germany for the last eight years.  First with the late Holger Schmezer and currently with Monica Theodorescu.  He is responsible for all the top riders in Germany and is presently focusing on preparations for the Olympics later this year in Rio.  NATALIE
Artificial insemination mare Neuland La Luna by Sandreo (KWPN) x Ludwig von Beethoven

The freezing of stallion semen for storage and subsequent usage to AI mares is a common practice in many horse breeds. The idea behind semen freezing is to allow the movement of a stallion’s genetics across both time and distance barriers. After being frozen (or cryopreserved) semen can be stored
Seat position example but this is Bates saddles' picutre lifestyle-dr-innova

In order to communicate successfully with a horse you need to be able to consciously control and co-ordinate your body. Without having control over you own body you have very little chance of successfully training a horse or developing your “feel”. This “feel” refers to being unconsciously able to “read”