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Aiming for WEG

World Equestrian Games 2018

Rio stable door

Hold onto your hats! The Paralympics opening ceremony is tomorrow and based on her form to date, our own Philippa Johnson-Dwyer is in serious medal contention in the Paradressage section! Pips is not a stranger to winning Paralympic medals with two silvers in 2004 and two golds in 2008, so
Tanya and Ramoneur at the Olympics

So has come and gone a very exciting time for South African equestrian sport, with our first ever representation for South Africa at the Olympic Games in dressage. Although our hopes of fielding a South African team were dashed at the qualifying show in Perl-Borg by a mere fraction of
Tanya Seymour canter

Says Tanya: “We starting aiming for Rio shortly after WEG in Caen.  It’s amazing how fast the time has flown by.  Our main focus after WEG was to work on my horse’s connection and improving his overall strength.  The hard work paid off with our scores increasing by 5%.  This
dressage arena

e-Questrian Focus caught up with our own Sharon Rhode, FEI 4* dressage judge, on the pressures and responsibilities of being an international dressage judge.  

Three months ago I left for Belgium to train and partake in 3 international Paralympic qualifiers. Due to the lengthy quarantine process associated with exporting horses from South Africa it is necessary for us to qualify on leased horses in Europe. Furthermore, if you aim to be on par with

There are so many stories and things I’d like to share with you like the struggles Kate, Shani and I had endured changing trains on arrival or when Shani and I found ourselves walking to our apartment late at night because the campsite closed earlier than we arrived. Even that

On the 3 of April was my first competition on Verdi. It was a practice run for my first international Paralympic qualifier the following week. The show went a thousand times better than I expected. The first test, Team Test, went a little slow since I didn’t know how much

After training in Belgium for four weeks it was time for my first Paralympic qualifier in Deauville, France. Donderwolk and I had made a lot of progress leading up to the competition, but being my very first show with her, I did not know what to expect. Getting the opportunity

Travelling to a new place and having to perform on a strange horse is never easy.  Fortunately for me,  this is nothing new. Upon arrival in Belgium, after travelling for more than 30 hours,  I was taken to Chris’s stable yard, where I was introduced to Donderwolk that evening.  Doni