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Sue Fuller-Good

Sue Fuller-Good

Sue Fuller-Good is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist, registered sports medicine practitioner and life coach. She also lectures and works with sports people and groups across South Africa, including the Rugby Legends team of South Africa. She believes that the body was made to move smoothly and in a friction free fashion. Her special interest is the spine and pelvis.

She is also the founder and owner of the wellness business Body Brilliance, based on the philosophy that a properly cared for body wants to thrive and has remarkable healing ability. Her goal is to enable her clients to trust in, and provide tools to facilitate sustainable healing. These tools include acupuncture, dry needling, relaxation therapy and mindfulness practice, nutritional guidance, exercise mentoring, chronic pain management, breathing retraining and so much more.

Sue is an internationally acclaimed ultra distance athlete herself and also practices yoga on a regular basis. Sue has devised her own exercise program called FABES (Fitness, body Awareness, Balance, Elasticity and Strength).

For more information, go to or contact 011 463 0229. Alternatively, you can e-mail