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Gretha Fereirra-Veldman

Gretha Fereirra-Veldman

Gretha Ferreira-Veldman is one of our South African dressage riders riding internationally under the trainership of Bennett Conn in Germany. She sourced her Grand Prix horse Le Beau in 2015. She fully believes that the correct method to train a horse is through kindness and empathy, with the horse’s welfare being top priority at all times. In her limited spare time she enjoys make-up artistry and fashion, even if it has to be done in her riding clothes!


An artist he is for sure – an artist of the sport we call dressage. And sometimes the things he can do with horses is so magical that it is difficult to believe that it is not a con. I am an unbelievably lucky woman to have this guy as
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Two weeks ago it was the South African National championships. It was a lovely experience to ride at KEP again. The support and warm welcome we received from all the fellow competitors and spectators was really special. I was lucky to compete Kerry Hadfield’s mare Deva. A Danish mare by
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Gestüt Peterhof, a place we as riders only dream of competing at. What an experience it was. This was my fourth Grand Prix show ever and I definitely didn’t think I’d be here already a few months ago. It’s so unbelievable how life unexpectedly happens. I feel so blessed and