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Fourways Equine Clinic

Fourways Equine Clinic

Located in the heart of horse country in Kyalami, Johannesburg, Fourways Equine Clinic was established in 1986 and is an internationally renowned and respected equine veterinary practice, aiming to offer professional, efficient and compassionate service to our clients and their horses. A full service medical and surgical equine hospital, Fourways Equine Clinic is one of the largest equine practices in South Africa, employing leading veterinary professionals who provide first opinion, emergency and referral services. They also provide emergency care, preventative care, general reproduction, diagnostic imaging, medical care and treatment of your horse at your stable. Continuing investment in staff, infrastructure and sophisticated technology ensures that Fourways Equine Clinic continues to be a leader in equine veterinary healthcare for the local horse racing industry, sport horse community and the wider equine population. The clinic is situated at 96 Poplar Road, Blue Hills, Kyalami. Contact: 011 468 3393 during office hours and 082 459 0129 at any time for emergencies.

Sarcoids are known to be the most common skin tumour found in horses worldwide.  The sarcoid is an aggressive fibroblastic tumour occurring in 6 recognisable forms, all of which have a high natural tendency for recurrence. IN SHORT, SARCOIDS ARE NASTY BUSINESS!! Sarcoids do not discriminate between equines, with all
Horses on the plane

Are you in the market to buy a horse from overseas?   There are a number of things to consider before importing a horse Time Financial burden Health and welfare of the animal The quarantine process Time: It takes quite a few months from the time when you acquire the horse overseas
Artificial insemination mare Neuland La Luna by Sandreo (KWPN) x Ludwig von Beethoven

The freezing of stallion semen for storage and subsequent usage to AI mares is a common practice in many horse breeds. The idea behind semen freezing is to allow the movement of a stallion’s genetics across both time and distance barriers. After being frozen (or cryopreserved) semen can be stored