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Carol Hobday

Carol Hobday

CAROL Hobday, e-Questrian Focus’s editor, is a 20-year veteran of mainstream newspapers. She started her journalistic and editorial career as a consumer affairs reporter at the Cape Argus in the late 70s. In the early 80s she moved onto general reporting, focussing on Supreme Court reporting. From there Carol moved into sub-editing, going on to become the Deputy Chief Sub-editor of the daily Cape Argus and also Chief Sub-editor of the weekend edition of the newspaper. She was involved in the successful launch of Personal Finance, becoming the Assistant Editor of Production of the publication and was also involved in the launching of the Personal Finance monthly magazine. Now semi-retired, she does freelance editing and is also involved in a project, Victims of Crime, at Mowbray Police Station in Cape Town.


Committed to protecting the working cart horses from abuse Looking back to the early days of the cart horse industry it is clear that it had a proud heritage rooted in District Six, on the outskirts of the city. Horses and carts were used to “smouse” (hawk) fish, fruit, vegetables,

Bev Franklin knew she was destined to be a horse rider from the tender age of 4 where she and her best friend used to “ride” her mom’s two settees, or any other object that could be transformed into a pony. This is her story over the years that followed.
Ernst Holtz loving his job!

Natalie Hobday spent some time with Ernst Holtz at the SA Dressage Championships. He kindly shared his thoughts on the development of our sport over the many years he has been involved. Ernst is considered a veteran in the sport and his experience over the years is something quite special. He has
A young Ernst in full flight

Born and brought up in the then South West Africa, I went to school during World War II and for a few years thereafter. Horse sport, which in those days was in German-speaking hands, only restarted around 1950. While still light enough, I work rode for a local racehorse trainer